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About Zhyfhs Millicent
Clinical Herbalist in Guelph

Long before I completed 550 hours of clinical training to become a Registered Herbalist (RH), I had a keen desire to help people. This desire, combined with an interest in how herbal medicine has effectively treated health conditions for thousands of years, led me to complete an extensive 4-year diploma program in clinical herbal medicine at Dominion Herbal College. (You can read more about my clinical training below.)

As you will hear from individuals I’ve worked with, or learn firsthand through my classes or your own health consultation, I am passionate about empowering you with knowledge to improve your health and well-being.

I have a thirst for knowledge and continually update my practice with advanced educational programs and review of the latest research, which allows you to benefit from new developments and the current science.

With a strong environmental awareness, I safely source the highest quality herbs & tinctures available, in order to provide you with the best possible custom-formulated herbal medicines as part of your personalized program to help you reach your optimal health.

I care about your well-being, and I am committed to helping you on your health journey.

Education & Clinical Training

4-year Diploma from Dominion Herbal College


My primary formal education for clinical herbal medicine was through Dominion Herbal College (North America’s oldest school of herbal medicine, est. 1926). Their 4-year Clinical Herbal Therapy (CHT) program was the most advanced and extensive clinical herbal medicine training available in Canada and included classes & training in:

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Pathology (the study of disease—definitions, causes, signs and symptoms, etc.)
  • Geriatrics
  • Pediatrics
  • Women’s Health
  • Differential Assessment
  • Clinical Assessment & physical examination techniques (e.g. using a stethoscope & reflex hammer, palpation techniques, checking for nerve damage, and other ways to assess the body)
  • Pharmacology (the science of drugs including their origin, composition, movement through the body, therapeutic use, and toxicology)
  • How to read lab work (e.g. interpreting blood work results)
  • Herb-drug interactions & contraindications
  • Developing customized tinctures, tea blends, and other herbal remedies specific to each individual
The Dominion Herbal College program required a minimum of 510 hours of clinical training, which exceeds the current Ontario professional standards of minimum 350 hours.

When I graduated, I had completed over 550 hours of clinical training—the majority of which were in person with Christine Dennis (RH, MNIMH, MSc. (Herb. Med.)) in Port Burwell, ON, and Katolen Yardley (DO (EU), MNIMH, RH (AHG)) in Vancouver, BC. Christine and Katolen have over 25 and 20 years of experience in clinical practice, respectively, and the training with them was invaluable. I also completed some of my hours with Maryann Abbs (BSc., BCIT, CHT, RHT) online and with Elizabeth Walker (CHT, RHT) at her clinic in Alberta.

4-month Apprenticeship with Medical Herbalist Chanchal Cabrera

In the summer of 2022, I was able to prioritize furthering my knowledge and clinical training to partake in an amazing opportunity to study directly in person with Medical Herbalist Chanchal Cabrera (MSc., FNIMH, RH (AHG)) who is “one of North America’s finest clinical herbalists” (to quote Clinical Herbalist & published author David Winston). Chanchal has been in clinical practice for over 35 years and specializes in oncology.

This 4-month clinical herbal medicine live-in apprenticeship allowed me to immerse myself in 18 weeks of day-to-day living at Innisfree Farm & Botanic Garden: working with medicinal herbs—gardening, harvesting, and processing—and doing a deep dive into herbal formulas, clinical discussions, case studies (review and discussion of past patients and their progress), and further training in some of the more potent (i.e. powerful & potentially toxic) herbs.

Other Classes, Workshops, & Conferences

I have an insatiable desire to learn, to understand, and to know everything (at least about human health, herbal medicine, healing, and nutrition!), both for improving my own well-being as well as maximizing my effectiveness with helping individuals such as yourself, so I continue to attend advanced classes, workshops, and conferences whenever possible.

Some of the classes & workshops I’ve taken include:

  • Chanchal Cabrera’s 6-day Collaborative Oncology course (2020-2021)
  • Attending the past 3 years of the online National Institute of Medical Herbalists’ annual conference (2020 – present)
  • Online webinars by Simon Mills & Kerry Bone about COVID-19 and long COVID, autoimmunity, adrenal health, etc. (2020 – present)
Zhyfhs’ level of care and compassion is simply extraordinary; from the level of detail she sought during intake to clearly understand my personal health challenges and priorities, to the remedies she designed to fit my needs and lifestyle, to the education and support she provided so I could care for my own acute injury.

My confidence in my physical wellbeing and my ability to recover has never been higher.”
Kim B.

Zhyfhs' Community Involvement

… in the Herbal Community:

With ongoing enthusiasm for connecting with other herbalists and supporting the herbal community, after years of being an active member of the Ontario Herbalists Association (OHA), I joined the OHA Board of Directors in October of 2021 and am currently serving as a director at large.

In 2016, I began attending and volunteering at herbal conferences including:

  • the Heartwood Gathering (2016-2019)
  • Christine Dennis’ Summer Solstice Herbal Retreat Weekend (2018)
  • Back to Your Roots (2018 & 2019)
  • Vancouver Island Herb Gathering (2022)
and I have worked with the online Canadian Herb Conference in 2021 & 2022—because I love volunteering and assisting others.
Herb Walk with Terry Willard at the Vancouver Island Herb Gathering 2022
Zhyfhs helping with videotaping Boreal in Guelph Ontario

… in the Guelph Community:

A Guelphite at heart, I am an alumna of the University of Guelph with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in English (class of 2011). Previously I hosted & produced morning talk shows at CFRU 93.3 FM (Guelph’s campus-community radio station) for multiple years, and I’ve also worked with the Wellington Water Watchers to assist with their website.

During the pandemic lock-downs, I helped with live-streaming the Backyard Concerts by local musicians Tannis Slimmon & Lewis Melville. I also offer local medicinal plant walks and other events in the Guelph area, and in January 2023 I became a member of 10C (“the hub for community changemakers in Guelph”).

“Zhyfhs has a way of sensing what is needed and then suggesting remedies that come from a blend of scientific understanding and intuitive wisdoms.”

About Planting Radiance

Specializing in offering individual wellness consultations with custom-formulated herbal remedies as well as sharing information about herbal medicine, methods for improving your health, and the power of local medicinal plants, Planting Radiance was founded in 2020.

Accessibility and education are important parts of Planting Radiance, which is why I chose to become a member of Herbalists Without Borders. This is a non-profit organization that believes health and wellness are human rights, not privileges, as well as other values I support and agree with.

With gratitude and respect, Planting Radiance is based within the ancestral homelands of the Anishinaabek peoples, in the traditional territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, and I humbly recognize the Anishinaabek and Hodinöhsö:ni’ peoples who have long-established and on-going relationships with this land and that the Attawandaron people are also part of the local archaeological record. 

Here in Guelph we are on the land of the Between the Lakes Treaty, No. 3 (1792) and also within the Dish With One Spoon territory. I acknowledge the ongoing colonization present in Canada today as well as my settler heritage and privilege, and I am committed to active accountability, reciprocity, reconciliation, engaging in self-education, and supporting decolonization.

Within the Guelph area I offer various in-person events & classes, and online classes and consultations are available for you from the comfort of your home.


Why “Planting Radiance” ?

I chose this name because I want to plant more radiance in this world: I want to share information with you and give you tools & encouragement to make positive changes for your health and well-being.

When you are empowered with information about herbal medicine, local plants, how the body works and what you can do to support yourself, etc., then there is more opportunity for you to take better care of yourself and your family, and perhaps feel more confident or self-sufficient with some aspects of caring for your health (when appropriate, i.e. improving our immune systems; still seeking allopathic medical attention when appropriate).

My hope is for there to be a ripple effect—the more that each of us feel better, are in less discomfort, and are more able to smile and enjoy life, the more we can connect with one another, do things that are important to us, and help make this world a better place, even if just by smiling at others.