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Herbal Medicine Classes
in Guelph Ontario

These classes are geared toward the general public – no experience required.

Medicinal Plant Walks

About an hour or 1.5 hours in duration, these plant walks are designed to share practical information about local medicinal plants.

There is a wealth of medicine out there waiting for you in your yard or the local forest or park—plants that can help you stop bleeding of a wound, counteract the pain & swelling of wasp stings, reduce the itch of a rash, treat plantar warts, help heal athlete’s foot or other fungal infections, improve your digestion, reduce anxiety, and more.

You’ll learn how to identify the plants, what time of the year is optimal for harvesting, which part(s) of the plant you want to use, what form of administration (topical or internal use; if fresh or dried is better; using as a tea or tincture or poultice etc.), harvesting techniques, and for what health condition(s) that particular plant could be useful for alleviating.

As the seasons change, different plants will be discussed during different walks. Some plants will be repeated. You’re welcome to attend as many of these walks as you’d like.

The introductory one-hour medicinal plant walks have no fee to attend—I just ask that you pay attention (and pay it forward, to share what you’ve learned with others, if you feel called to do so). My goal is for this information to be as accessible and widespread as possible, and you are encouraged to bring a notebook and camera and ask questions. 

Please note that due to the amount of information being shared, there is a fair amount of standing (perhaps 60%-70% of the walk is at a standstill).

I aim to choose locations that are accessible (flat surfaces, wide paths) and children, pets, and people of all ages are welcome. Physical distancing and respect for attendees’ personal space is encouraged.

New in 2024, there are 90-minute plant walks which also include a handout with notes about the plants we discuss, and some samples of tea for you to drink during the walk to get a taste of the medicinal qualities, which are $15/person. (Noted as ‘Experiential’ in the event title.)

Dates for Upcoming Medicinal Plant Walks in Guelph:

If have questions please contact me at or by text message or phone at 226-706-3636. 
Also, if you feel inclined to share about any these events on social media, I would appreciate your help with getting the word out! The more people who know about these wonderful local medicines, the better.

Educational Classes & Workshops

These classes are more targeted toward a specific topic: with a focus on different body systems or health conditions (e.g. the menstrual cycle or alleviating PMS; the digestive system, etc.) we’ll discuss how that part of the body works, possible causes and relevant factors for the conditions, and applicable herbal medicines.


My goal is to share practical information in an accessible, interesting, and memorable way to empower you with information and implementable tools (herbal remedies, nutritional considerations, supplements, etc.) that could be helpful for you or someone you know.

Upcoming Classes:

If you are interested in a particular topic or health condition and there is no upcoming class listed, please let me know; if enough other folks are interested it may be possible to find a date to run that class.

Do you have a group of people interested in a particular workshop or customized class? Want to include a herb walk at your event or make herbal salves as part of a baby shower? Please get in touch for more details.

“With delight, I attended two of Zhyfhs' plant walks, one in the summer, and another on a rainy spring day. She orated at a good pace, and moved along the chosen path in a timely fashion - it was fast enough that you didn't get bored or overloaded with information, but slow enough that you could absorb the material.

Zhyfhs passionately discussed the traits, harvesting methods and medicinal properties of the plants, adding anecdotes about relevant processes in the human body (digestion, inflammation, etc.). It was fascinating, and I'd never realized how many useful plants can be in such a small area. ... it wasn't about devaluing Western medicine, but about making us aware of beneficial plants in a celebratory and educational way. I highly recommend you join to learn more!

- Jenn M.
Restaurateur & writer